Wearable Tech Watchlist

Wearable Tech Watchlist

Postby MattDN93 » Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:57 am

We all know tech you can wear on you is cool right? An armband that senses muscle movements and manipulates objects on screen? How about a set of AR goggles that allow you to manipulate virtual objects with your physical hands out in front of you in 3D space? This stuff is sci-fi awesome, but of course all needs work, and money. lots of money. This thread is the watchlist for everything cool in Wearable Tech.

MYO by Thalmic Labs

Early 2014 release and a $149 price tag. Sweet sounding indeed. This armband lets you gesture control, kind of like Kinect, but then for ANYTHING, from games to presentations, on screens, TVs, projected displays, devices. Yeah. Cool stuff. Read all about the MYO here.

META AR Glasses

Pico projectors on your lenses, dual cameras for 3D sensing, artificial reality and manipulation with 3D printer support. META's glasses look clunky right now, but with a end-2013 update and a 2014-2015 design cycle, I'm pretty sure the $667 you'll pay to pick one us it totally worth it. Did we mention is has an SDK so you can make apps for it?Read up on the META here.

Google Glass

The "grandaddy" and much wider-publicized product puts Google power in a small glass panel above your eyes, and the glasses rim is touch sensitive so you can navigate the interface. It's Google Now, floating with you, plus its got a camera for ...you know, taking videos and pics ;) The beta program is closed at the moment and the $1500 tag was pretty steep, but it's all just beginning.Keep informed here about Glass.

Comment on your favourite wearable tech here, what do you want to see in the future for stuff like this?
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