[Read before posting] Tech Support info!

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[Read before posting] Tech Support info!

Postby MattDN93 » Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:11 am

Hello all.
Your friendly mod here! Welcome to IndeterminateDesigns Tech Support fora.

Sure you can scour the internet for any of your Windows/Android/iOS/Mac issues, but why not ask our team for help, we're fast to respond, it's a small forum (hence more personal), and we're studying CompEng so needless to say we might be able to solve your issues. We're not X_D_A Recognized Developer level but we're still able and willing to help!

Here's some tips for posting in the sub-fora:

Thread posting guide:

From Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.1, we're up to date, so let those queries fly. Please remember, when you ask for help or advice, we don't mind "newb" questions at all and will be happy to help, on these conditions:

[*]State briefly your problem or what you're wondering about
[*]State your OS version if required
[*]Your hardware config would help, if you don't know your basic spec press [Windows]+[Pause] on your keyboard or Start>Control Panel>System and read that off.
[*]State what you've tried or exact error messages you're getting.

Thread posting guide:
When letting us know about your issues, or topic, give us details:

[*]Device model, codename and spec
[*]OS version, kernel number (if available) and settings
[*]Status of device [i.e Jailbroken, Rooted, Unlocked, S-OFF etc.]
[*]Any other relevant errors/ device behaviours, things you've tried.


Thread posting guide:

Similar to what we asked for the Windows thread, give us an idea of what we're working with to help you out:

[*]iDevice form factor [iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air etc AND release year]
[*]Operating system installed and spec [if you don't know, on the desktop click Apple Logo>About this Mac]
[*]Any error messages or dialog boxes showing up


So give it a shot. For quick questions, post in the FAQ Main thread of each sub forum. If you've got a specific issue, open a new thread and start a discussion.

Hope you enjoy your time!

Cheers , the IndeterminateDesign Team
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